Antminer E9

With the Antminer E9, Bitmain has a new system for Ethereum mining rights that will be presented soon. The financial company was with a performance of 3 gigahashes per second, was listed in about the performance of 32 coupled Geforce RTX 3080 - with much less energy requirement. The Antminer E9 is at 2,556 watts, although not economical but with a loss of: 0.85 joules per megahash, which the system can be if it is below the value of 32 in a range of protected Geforce RTX 3080, depending on your system Degree of optimization through overclocking the video memory or a reduced power target.

Bitmain does not reveal beforehand which hardware belongs in the Antminer E9. The Chinese need self-managed chips, including ASICs intended for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Presumably a 7nm or 5nm design is used to boost the high performance and very high.