Hosting Service (USA) - on request
Hosting Service (USA) - on request
Hosting Service (USA) - on request
Hosting Service (USA) - on request

Blockmine, Inc.

Hosting Service (USA) - on request

Sale price€194
Sold out
model:S19 XP (140 TH/s)
invoice:1 month

What exactly is Blockmine's service?
Blockmine rents out parking spaces for high-performance computers, also for "ASIC miners", for a monthly fee. All service and maintenance costs are already included in our (all-in) tariffs.

Can I also buy hardware directly from Blockmine?
Yes sir. In addition to the hosting service, you can also buy new hardware (mining hardware) directly from us. Please ask our support about the currently available device types.

What hardware does Blockmine use for hosting?
In addition to the classic ASIC high-performance computers and GPU data mining devices, there is also capacity for special HPC hardware. Please ask our support about the currently available capacities of your desired hardware.

When does Blockmine offer its service?
Our hosting service is available to all our customers who have purchased hardware directly from us. Hardware purchased externally can be accommodated with us from a total output of 100KW. 

What are the fees?
The hosting conditions vary depending on the hardware type and total consumption between € 0.060 / kWh and € 0.088 / kWh (EUR). The costs amount to a one-time setup fee and a deposit of two months of consumption.

Is it possible to access the hardware myself?
Yes, for a surcharge it is possible to access the hardware via VPN. 

Where exactly are the locations of Blockmine? 
Blockmine and our network partners currently operate several data centers in North America as well as in Russia and Europe. For the safety of our customers, we follow very strict access rules.

Can I visit the locations?
However, a visit by appointment is possible.


Hosting Costs:

Overall performance

Electricity price

up to 50 KW

0,088 € / kWh

ab 50 KW

0,083 € / kWh

from 250 KW

on demand!

ab 1 MW

on demand!



number of pieces

Fee (per unit)

until 25 PCS.

150 € (one time)

from 25 PCS.

100 € (one time)

from 150 pcs.

on demand!

from 300 PCS.

on demand!


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